Presentation of Economic College Buzau



            The history of our school begins with the Commercial High School for boys established in 1922. It is important to mention its progressive evolution: from 311 pupils in 1938 to 552 pupils in 1954 when it was dissolved. In the scholar year 1966-1967, The Economic High School - Buzau came into being again. After 1989, the Economic High School developed a lot having 1350 pupils, in specialized classes of high-school, vocational school and after high-school studies. In 2000, our school was named Economic College having 1584 students and at present it has 1425 students.

    The aims of our educational tasks are given by the future jobs of those who attend our classes: for the high-school (the branch of services): technician for financial and commercial activities, technician for public administration, technician for tourism and public foodstuff; for the vocational school: shop-assistant, barman, waiter, cook, confectioner.

    In 1995, our school was included in the programme 9405 PHARE-VET RO as a demonstrative school, which led to a professional training of students at a high level, in accordance with the evolution of the labour market in Romania. In 2001 we applied for another 3 year project – PHARE (we could equip laboratories for Informatics, Economic subjects) The two buildings of the school were modernized.

Starting with 1991 the students and teachers of the school have been taking part in many national and international projects and educational competitions – Junior Achievement program, Educatia 2000+, Socrates - Comenius, Leonardo, Youth. There are more than 200 students that participated in different projects in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Sweden and Poland (“Comparison between youth culture in Europe”, “For greater chances of employability on the labour market in Romania”, “Intercultural understanding”, “Support for the economic growth through infrastructure development and ICT training courses for teachers“, “Environment On-line”, "ETLCLS - Enhancement in Teaching and Learning Computer and Language Skills", “Global Teenager Project”, “International  Fair for Training Firms”, “ Global E-business”, etc.).   

      The constancy that we have had in developing European Programs made many teachers of different subjects took the opportunity given by Socrates programs - Comenius, Arion, Grundtvig- to participate in training courses in France, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ireland, Italy, Austria – improving their way of teaching, getting closer to the European dimension of education, becoming aware that all the students need the same education for being prepared for the future Europe. Every year we celebrate the European events, Comenius week, 9th May - Day of Europe, Spring Day, Francophonie for keeping alive the European spirit. Our students participate in the competition “Public Speaking” organized by Rotary Club, they constantly meet European personalities either on-line organized by European Schoolnet or directly in the school club for European integration “We and Europe”. The students participating in the Club are responsible for the issuing of the school magazine “We and Europe” that reached its 14-th issue, getting the first prize at the school magazine competition.

    For our efforts in providing the students a European education the Romanian Ministry of Education together with the European Commission awarded our school – the only one of the whole district – the distinction “European School”, in 2004 and 2007m the distinction European Label in 2003 and 2006.

    We are interested in taking part in as many programmes and partnerships as possible, at a local, national, European level, so that our students should have the advantage of being educated according to the European standards, in order to improve their knowledge in the economic branch and comply with the economic demand on the European labour market.